Alex Stewart has become one of the largest independent companies in the world, providing analytical services for metals and minerals and the foremost operational auditor of mining concerns for government control purposes. Alex Stewart is a member of various prestigious international inspection and testing associations covering the areas of minerals, metallurgy, oil, agriculture, environment and foodstuffs.


Government Services

  • Operational auditing of mining concerns
  • Operational auditing of hydrocarbon producers
  • Certification of mineral exports
  • Certification of minerals in transit
  • Inspection and analysis of foodstuffs
  • Control of medicines
  • Procurement audit
  • Customs revenue optimization

Commercial Services

  • Assay and laboratories
  • Shipment supervision services
  • Quantity and quality inspections
  • Inspection, analysis, and certification of agricultural commodities and fertilizers
  • Exploration and geochemical analysis
  • Environmental services
  • Marine surveying services
  • Inspection and analysis of coal products
  • Inspection and analysis of crude oil and petro-chemicals