Harbass LLC is an American company that belongs 100% to the ENSE Group, a holding company that also retains majority interest in Alex Stewart International, the largest inspection company of metals and minerals in the world, Securiport, a leader in biometric identification, immigration processing, and international traveler profiling services, and KIBO Laboratories, at the forefront in the verification and prevention of the distribution of counterfeit medicinal products.


Harbass provides external debt advisory and countertrade services to governments and acts in the international market as an oil, gas and mining operations developer.  It is currently involved in operations in ten countries, spanning three continents.

Harbass specializes in advising governments on:

  • Foreign debt renegotiation (London Club and Paris Club), transactions of foreign debt conversion into equity, debt conversion into products, leasing transactions for foreign debt instruments to carry out investments, recovery of loan portfolios with sovereign nations, analysis and optimization of foreign debt portfolios;
  • Trade financing, international government agreements, countertrade and advising of multilateral organizations (IMF, World Bank, private commercial banks, etc.).